Saturday, September 22, 2012


You know, like that song by that chick about losing faith in humanity. That's me, right now. I'm so obsessed with my house and getting everything done so that we can move in, I'm being really bitchy about the overwhelming amount of work I have to do. All day i complain about how overwhelmed i am, and then every night I put my kids to bed and hide in my room and read to avoid life. I have a tremendous amount of stuff to do and I'm reading a really boring book, in the dark, on my kindle app, on my broken phone. I pretty much suck at life these days. I was just stalking my own Facebook home page to avoid going downstairs to grade papers and I came across my old blog, which, by the way, is not properly linked to my fb page. It listed my blog as jjgregory....instead of jjgregory family... Anyway, I tried the fb link and was brought to some Spanish blog and thought, jeez, I suck so much that my blog was evicerated. So, that's what lead me back to good old blogspot, and your computer screen. I guess I will try to blog again for my own sanity, because


  1. Take a deep breath!! Relax!! Your doing great! A great mom!! You have a wonderful (gorgeous, I might add) family that your doing an excellent job at raising!! The house is coming along!! You know it is.. Do what you can when you have time.. Be happy where your at for now & just enjoy life as it is.. The kids need to see you laughing & happy & crazy as ever!! Soon, you will be all settled in your new house & look back & say.. Why did I waste all those great days with my healthy kids being so down... :( time goes by way to fast to waste any part of the day... Everything will fall into place... Soon enough..
    Your doing great Jodi ;) lylas lol (now, help me start one of these crazy blog sites)

  2. ^^^ great advice, every word of it is true. Everything is going to fall into place. It will all be over soon. Be positive!! I'm here if you need anything :) Xoxox. Love you!!!! <3 Cassie