Sunday, February 20, 2011

drama mamas

My life is nice. I get along with most people for the most part and I think I am a good mom. If nothing else, I can honestly say, I try my best. I try to do what I think is healthy and safe for my children. Lots of parents go to extremes to keep their kids safe and healthy and that's awesome. Then there are the parents who do things that are for the benefit of the reaction they get from others. I happen to have the displeasure of knowing some people who will put their children in danger (or lie and say they did) just to get a dramatic reaction. No matter how you handle the situation its a lose/lose. If you react with shock, you are reinforcing them by giving them attention. If you ignore them and they are really truly ignorant, you are missing an opportunity to educate them. There is no way to handle these people.
I truly feel lucky that I don't require drama to feel fulfilled. I can actually have a conversation with someone and not have to try to freak them out. I love the relationships that I have in my life and I love the opportunity to meet new people online on natural parenting websites. I would rather have a few minutes of meaningful dialogue with an old friend via Facebook or someone that I met online than spend time with people who do not value the blessings that have been bestowed upon them.
Vent over!

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  1. ughhh...couldnt agree with you more!!!! Im loving your blog!!!