Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the mom i have become

I am an instinctual mama. I use my instincts to parent. It should be that simple but alas, it is not the way of the world.
I consider myself a work in progress, a woman of many talents, interests, and roles. My parenting is also a work in progress and I have not always held my current parenting philosophies.
In my early parenting stage I considered myself knowledgeable and loving. I read books, followed doctor's orders and was completely mainstream (with the exception of vaccine schedules, i've never trusted those buggars). I took my baby to the Dr. for every sniffle, and I weaned him at 10 months when I realized I was prego because a book said that my poor little fetus wasn't getting any nutrition if his big brother was drinking it all up :-p My second nursed awhile longer (14 months) and I made excuses and finally weaned him because he was over a year and people said he was too old. My daughter showed up two and a half year later and I was really coming into my own. Her birth was just as I wanted and I was really begining to use more natural ways of disciplining and treating sickness. I made all of my own babyfood. My boys and I were cosleeping, miss pip was riding around like a papoose on anyone who would wear her and I was laying the smack down on the pediatrician. By the time I delivered my fourth, I had personally offended 4 out of the 5 Dr's at my pediatrician's office. I was growing an organic garden and making babyfood to freeze, i was storing milk in the deep freezer, and babywearing, breastfeeding, and cosleeping like a real instinctual mama. I had evolved. There was no moment when I 'decided' to parent this way, I just let my instincts take over.
I have never felt more sure of myself. I have never felt stronger! The best part of it all is watching my little muffins thrive. Check out instinctual mamas blog to connect with other mamas who parent with heart.


  1. <3
    That is exactly ho my parenting has evolved.

  2. I have felt things have evolved in a similar way for myself. I didn't trust my instincts at first but when I got a nudge and a kick in the right direction, its all I can do.