Tuesday, February 15, 2011

who knows best?

Everytime I hear a mother talking about the good ole family pediatrician, I wonder if they too lie and manipulate them just like I do. I mean, yes the Dr has much more medical knowledge than I, but I know my baby and I am no dummy. I respect medical professionals and often seek their advice for validation for what I believe, but call me crazy, i think we are equal.
My beliefs are simple and go something like this:
1 I vaccinate on a predetermined schedule-my schedule.
2 I do not give my child medication except for high fevers.
3 if the aforementioned fever is caused my an infection that will not naturally heal, I give an antibiotic.
4 if my child even LOOKS sick, I do not vaccinate and I reschedule when they are feeling better.

When a doctor wants to disagree with my decision I will prevail even if I have to lie and say my child had a fever earlier that day in order to delay a vaccine.
Funny, drs don't vaccinate when a child has a fever........I digress...

Anyway, today we met an excellent pediatric allergist who validated my thoughts that my youngest daughter, Peanut does not fit the profile for an allergy baby. I knew this but an unprofessional, on-call, uneducated-about-breastfeeding-and-my-child-in-general pediatrician had me doubting my maternal instinct. She even had me thinking that Peanut was not thriving. I told the allergist the issues and said 'i just need your degree to reassure me that my baby is fine'. He was a good sport! He reassured me and also helped me to realize some simple truths.
Sometimes, the internet can drive a mama crazy with all the conflicting information. Sometimes books written by vigilanties with a specific beef can drive you crazy. Sometimes your 'go with the flow' hubz can try to convince you that the doctor knows nothing, and you can ignore him and get in your own head until you are bat-shit crazy and then said hubz will give up when he realizes you have lost your mind and sit back and watch the train wreck because its not really hurting anyone anyway.......................AND.....
Sometimes, mothers give up their rights and think that the doctor knows best, but this mama knows who knows best! I'm sorry I doubted myself....and I'm sorry for poor Peanut who was egg, dairy, wheat, gluetin, and soy free for a month for no reason at all...
BTW....I'm not the only mama who knows best.

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