Thursday, February 24, 2011

what the hell smells???

I have been very busy lately. I am starting a WAH business and have been buying supplies, and mixing oils while the hubz has been designing my bottle labels. We took the kids to office max for printer paper and then to the tried and true Chinese buffet. When we got home, hubz got busy on the computer while I worked on homework and baths. Hubz kept saying that he smelled poo, though it sounded more like (what smells like shit) and i, of course thought he had left a poo diaper on the changing table. After searching the room for the stench, playing the age-old game of 'what the hell smells?' we found out. Our dog, Stewie, had pulled a poo diaper out of the garbage and ate it. Well, he ate most of it. I caught him just as he was going back for seconds.
In the crate he went as I pulled on my cleaning gloves and sprayed and scrubbed the rug behind the loveseat where the little bastard had contaminated. I also crawled all around the house, sniffing the rug all aound the computer and everywhere else I thought I smelled poo. Finally, I was able to go to bed.
Today, after spending the day running all over creation, we returned home, and again I smelled poo. WTH? So, again, we all played 'what the hell smells' until Pip joyously announced that she indeed found the remainder of the diaper under the loveseat that Stewie destroyed last night. Needless to say, Stew went into his crate for a time out and this mama spent the evening shampooing the rug.
Oddly and unfortunately, as a mama of four, I found nothing strange about this situation. Don't judge me!

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